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Passive, Hands-Off Currency Trading Income

The pros do the trading. You keep the profits.
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No VPS needed

It is not necessary to rent a VPS (saving at least 20 $/€ per month)

Online 24/7

Check your accounts progress online 24/7 in your online dashboard

Withdraw Anytime

Enjoy the compounding or withdraw or part of your account balance freely at any time. You can withdraw all your capital too without fee

Vantage Markets

Partner with Vantage and enjoy the benefits of a Percentage Allocation Money Management (PAMM) solution


Instead of just telling you how to trade… we do it for you.

Time and time again, we found the individual traders got too impulsive, too busy, or too fearful to correctly execute on trading signals alone.

People have obligations and day jobs – so even when winning trades are posted regularly, many of our members couldn’t consistently profit.

So we took a step back and decided we would take over the process for them, creating a streamlined method of passive income unlike anything the world has ever seen.


Smart Invest, with Ocean Wave

Deep Encryption

Very strong end-to-end encryption to protect data in transit.

Registered Company

Ocean wave is registered trade company.

Safe & Secure

Ocean Wave is safe & secure to use on your phone or laptop from anywhere in the world.

Fast & Simple

The trades are taken for you, requiring zero minutes per day of your time

Full Time Service

Check your accounts progress online 24/7

Easy Deposit & Withdrawals

Withdraw all or part of your account balance freely at any time

our proprietary

Plug into our proprietary Ocean Wave strategy

Good trades come from the intersection of patience and knowledge.

It’s our philosophy to wait like an expert surfer for that perfect trade opportunity to come along… then we ride it deep into its predicted profits.

We leverage thousands of data points and predictors, combined with our meticulous market knowledge, to create a snowballing passive income opportunity that beats the pants off anything the public has ever seen.

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“I’ve never seen such consistent, on-the-money growth…!”

The graph below represents over a year of trading history using our system.

As you can see, the growth is sustained and predictable.

This is why our customers are so satisfied and our cancellation rate is near zero.

GET clarity

When you operate with clarity, understanding, and dedication to a single, evidence-based strategy, the sky is the limit:

Gain Chart

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WHY Ocean Wave

Why Trust The Ocean Wave Strategy?



The Ocean Wave churns out enviable results, as it’s solidly back-tested and validated to enable anyone to peer into the future and make solid plays.


Certified Analyst

It gets people started FAST. You don’t have to read a library of books and become a certified analyst. Just plug into the system and watch us execute on your behalf.



It de-clutters trading. We hate reading a mountain of news and reports so we devised a way to make this straightforward. We only trade for a few hours a day and just wait for my indicators to tell me what to do. No thinking required, because thinking gets clouded by emotions, and emotions wreck trades.



And here’s the best part: it has a loss prevention strategy baked in, so we can cut the losses earlier and let the winners run. That’s how our graph just seems to constantly just go up.

Get started today and build a better, more optimistic tomorrow.

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